Cinema in Kashmir-Time to make it a reality

Cinema in Kashmir-Time to make it a reality
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The news that Saudi Arabia has for the first time thrown open its cinemas and a Hollywood movie “ Black Panther” was released much to the thunderous applause of the cinema goers has come as music to ears. As the majority Muslim state we always look up to Saudi Arabia or Iran as our role models it is a surprise we still have not decided when we want our cinemas to be reopened-remember they were closed when the militancy started way back in 1989.

Talking of Iran, our second focal point to major our moral standards as Muslims, it has a fully evolved Cinema which in its sheer creativity can be compared to French, polish or any other Cinema of the world. The movies like “children of Heaven” show the class of Cinema Iran produce despite the limited budget of the film makers.
In Kashmir Cinema existed right from the fourth decade of the twentieth century. It was one of the rare places in Asian sub-continent where Hollywood movies were screened in the pre-partition days. There used to be a huge rush of movie goers in Kashmir in the 60s, 70s and 80s of the last century.
In 1989, when the militancy started Cinemas had to be closed down after a spate of attacks. In the initial years of the 21st century an effort was made to re-start Cinema in Kashmir but due to an attack in Lal Chowk in which a movie watcher from Lasjan lost his life, it had to be stopped again.
Time has come for a little re-introspection. Cinemas do not essentially entail a means of time pass. Cinemas have a knowledge-based quotient as well. We agree that vulgarity has no place in a place like Kashmir but at the same time we cannot deny the right of watching quality Cinema to our younger generation.
When public in Saudi Arabia and Iran can enjoy Cinema, there is no way we can deny it to public in Kashmir. At the same time we reiterate that a strong censor is created so that nothing vulgar or obscene makes its way to the theatres.

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