Jingles & Jazzes of Modern Democracy- NaMo TV

Jingles & Jazzes of Modern Democracy- NaMo TV
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A New way to serve the Nation, A New System of throwing Norms into Winds

Harbans Nagokay

It’s a proven fact that most people make political decisions on the basis of social identities and partisan loyalties, not an honest examination of reality. And, otherwise; hardly pays any attentions toward the work done else politician’s calibres. And, present regime’s NaMo TV Channel is the outcome of all such blind faiths or thoughtlessness.

What to talk of low grade politics, which might be sighting at public or system as a fool, NAMO TV not only violates code of conduct but also made the fun of rules and norms those been seriously thrown in to winds. The Aam Aadmi Party also has written to the Election Commission over NAMO TV. AAP questions whether a political party should have its own 24-hour news channel when the model code of conduct is being enforced.

What to talk of disregards for Model Code of Conduct, as another 3 terms BJP’s CM now governor of Rajasthan Mr. Rajnath Singh reportedly said, “All of us are BJP workers and we want the party to win. We want Modiji to become the prime minister. It is necessary that Modiji becomes the PM again.”
The Governor made these remarks to placate some agitated BJP members who gathered outside his house over ticket distribution. And, the limits been found crossed when, one of the original promoters of a company that first aired NaMo TV, a channel dedicated to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has said that he or his company isn’t involved in running the channel anymore. NaMo TV beamed on major direct-to-home networks Sunday.
Congress also accuses Modi of mocking and trampling upon democratic norms by ‘brazenly’ running NaMo TV, which carries the picture of Modi as its logo, was launched on March 31, nearly 2 weeks after the model code of conduct came into effect. However; the EC will take a call on whether it violates the model code after going through the documents the ministry files, sources added. But, the BJP hasn’t officially claimed ownership of NaMo TV, but the party’s official social media posts have urged people to watch Narendra Modi’s speeches on the channel. On March 31, when the channel suddenly appeared on TV, the BJP posted on social media, “Capture the colours of elections. Watch the dance of democracy. Say NaMo again with NaMo TV. Tune in to get real-time coverage of PM Modi’s election campaign and a lot more fascinating content.”
Sunaina the famous kousher-mousher girl from Jammu, expressed her own version to GMK and said that if a politician or leadership genuinely done their works in the service of nation, and that too to the entire satisfactions of its people, surely need not to go for such a level of campaigns; be it BJP or any other party. As the public in general will otherwise do it on their behalf and seriously promote their cause as well. The Congress party however, also wrote to the election body and said NaMo TV, earlier called Content TV, was dedicated “solely to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP for promoting and misleading them.

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