Teenagers gone astray 

Teenagers gone astray 
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There is a rage of videos on the social networking sites in which hipster teens from Kashmir’s countryside are flaunting their style and abusing their counterparts from the city. This barrage of abuses is responded to by foppishly dressed city youths on the same social networking sites. The two groups of youth can be seen abusing people who either live in city or village. Right under our own eyes someone somewhere is being successful in creating an urban-rural divide. The authorities are asleep and none is bothered to check the stream of abuses which is flooding the timelines of people on the social networking sites.
This fad of city versus villages apart, the youth in general have deviated from the lessons on morality encapsulated in the religious books. The youth in general is aping western culture and forgetting their history. The fact remains that the youth of Kashmir in particular are kept away from their history by our school textbooks as well. Ninety percent of teenagers have no idea who Lalitadatiya or Shihabuddin was? Nobody has any idea about Ghani Kashmiri. Our youth are at sea when it comes to knowing the great people like Sri Bhat who have shaped the lives of the people in more ways than hip hop singers of USA. Our youth have become far more advanced in aping western culture and the culture of attaining quick fame is eating away the vitals of the society. The youths want everything now, today and at this moment only. There is no thrust on single-minded devotion to a particular field. The youth just want to be jack of all trades and master of none.
All having said and done, the recent issue of these videos circulating on social networking sites in which the youth from Srinagar are warning their counterparts in villages from visiting Srinagar is a dangerous issue. The youth from village are also warning the youth from Srinagar against visiting the picnic spots in rural Kashmir. How is this hate speech allowed to propagate? Who is benefitting from dividing the society?

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