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Healthcare realities in J&K- seeking a fine balance 

Healthcare realities in J&K- seeking a fine balance 
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Jammu: The healthcare services in Jammu and Kashmir is characterized by its failure to take into account the holistic picture of the healthcare services.

The reason for this situation is insufficient public infrastructure due to low governmental expenditure. The problem with the system in J&K is that the controlling bodies are virtually non-functioning. The reason for this is not only lack of interest but also weak provisions in the various acts.
A media report on April 4 stated that the government warned Tata Motors that it could get blacklisted for future contracts if there is any further delay in delivering the buses to a state Government department. But, unfortunately there’s hardly any such action against initiated against the inordinate delays in works, from the Government officials.
This could be the reason behind the key desire otherwise, to get a Government Job by the aspirants in this state of Jammu and Kashmir. As there’s no serious accountabilities been observed behind delays in works there-at. And, if truth be accepted deferments must also be the reason behind on-going irregularities and corruption oriented practices etc.
But in all seriousness, our health care system is literally losing something and must also be made responsible for killing many per day from errors, accidents, poor availabilities of amenities and services or infections etc. Every time, we blame our Governments but lethargic, immoral or dishonest practices within the departments could also be the reasons behind non implementation of various state / central sponsored schemes then, non-utilisation of funds meant for the public interests as well.
An attendant of a patient and retired healthcare worker in a hospital told GMK that hospitals can be found always running short of funds, medicines, equipments, facilities and services but our officials at high seats of powers are free to work or just worried on pleasing the things with their superiors as their performance more often than not does not affect their salary in any way unless they are involved in some scam or scandal. And, also not much risk of getting FIRED being close to politicians or higher-ups. But, a low ranking staff been made victimised at any encounter for any slip-up. Needless to say that if they not working has no consequences why work or work as little as you can which indirectly leads to no progress. Above all, their fitness, capabilities to deliver or knowledge and experience also been examined much on the basis of their adulation, sweet talks or their made-up business meetings, mainly. But a real performer on ground has to face all the music’s including public resentments too.
Anyway; Indians love to work for the government due to job security and less accountability or performance checks, because they fear no consequences, Indian government offices do next to no work and get paid for signing the attendance register said Balbir Singh (Name Changed). And, the system is slow because mechanisms put in place to address the lethargy of such slow-pokes are also compromised by corruption, articulated another local laying on adjoining bed at Government Medical College, Jammu.
On the other hand, while going through the figures available through internet, Health delivery system of Jammu and Kashmir is rendering their services but still figures show a grim picture and a sorry state of affairs. Jammu and Kashmir State has specific bottlenecks that act as obstacle towards providing quality health care services. Inaccessibility, less population density, less prominent private sector players etc are some of the hindrances faced by the state, revealed Government data. The other unfortunate part is that with the objectives of providing better services and to generate employment, improve quality of life, remove poverty & economic inequality and human deprivation etc. majority of state or central sponsored schemes’ also either not been implemented or wrongly instigated else executed, wide of the marks; in this state of Jammu and Kashmir. Be it, National Dialysis Program, 102-108 Ambulance services, Medical Mobile Units, National Blind Control Program, National Program for Biomedical Equipment Maintenance or purchases’ of Blood Collection Transport Vehicles, Mamography Units/ Cancer Screening Vehicles etc. for the use of public.
Present governance in presidential rule, must need to understand that there is a general feeling that despite of huge allocations made by Government of India through Central Schemes or centrally Sponsored Schemes in Jammu & Kashmir, the development in basic infrastructure and amenities/facilities are not perceptible, especially in rural areas of the State. And, key reasons observed by literati’s are ‘Gaps & Lapses in Tenders, Inordinate interruptions in finalisations and unwillingness near proper implementations’ and at times, an irrational and thoughtless show of lack of knowledges, also prepares a question mark on these executions, leaving the standard of living of the people underprivileged.
Our administrative heads, need to be made clear that number of developmental schemes are sponsored by the centre and conveyed to the States for implementation along with the guidelines of how the schemes are to be effectively implemented and monitored. As the purpose of floating these schemes is two fold. “One is to help States in speeding up developmental process on all India level and the second is to bring about uniformity in developmental exercise so that it leads to closer cooperation among the states and consolidates economic integration of the nation” as revealed per the Government records. And, nothing bad also, if our officials take some of the lessons from the private sector and work on these lines. As at the end of day; healthcare is not a business, and officials have to work genuinely like the public servants being civic society wants these services without much delays and generations otherwise will not spare this lethargic or shady show of encouraging corruptions at all.

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