Bogus research and bogus PHDs 

Bogus research and bogus PHDs 
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Kashmir has become a place where the maxim,” It is all in the family” works out so well. The case starts right from our medical colleges where only the smooth-tongued and “well-behaved” get the choicest of internships. Likewise in our universities only the most “obedient” and the most serving candidates get selected for PHDs. There have been instances where research scholars work as “makeshift facility managers” at the under construction houses of their guides. Some have to ferry the children of their guides to and from the schools. There are other chores also which given the sanctity of a newspaper editorial we prefer to avoid writing. Amidst all these Hobson’s choices that the prospective scholars have what gets buried is the quality of research and bogus PHDs get prominence in Universities which were supposed to produce the best of the minds.
Only some years ago there were newspaper reports about how a university professor had written an entire PHD thesis of a senior separatist leader. The separatist leader got his PHD no doubt but when he looks in the mirror how does he see himself? Does he see himself as a leader of one crore people when he knows how he used unfair means to get his PHD?
In our universities there is pervading sense of crony scholars growing every day. People with no self respect, no integrity are chosen as scholars. People who have the potential to ferry vegetables, fruits, almonds, chestnuts etc. to the guide’s home are chosen over the ones who are upright and mind their own business. Honesty, character and integrity are some of the traits that the guides prefer not to have in the prospective scholars. Anyone who can be asked to sing a song anytime the guide feels bored or fetches canned juice from the market every time the guide feels thirsty is preferred over someone who is single-mindedly devoted to this studies.
Our universities are becoming just like any other government department when they were supposed to question, provide alternate arguments and produce the quality researches of socio-economic importance. Amazing how our institutes of highest learning were changed into a bunch of acolyte scholars running daily errand for their guides.

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