Repetitions don’t make truth of a lie: Pak Army

Repetitions don’t make truth of a lie: Pak Army
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Islamabad: Pakistan Army spokesperson has rejected fresh claim by India that it downed a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet in the aerial dogfight between the two countries in February, telling India that “repetitions don’t make truth of a lie”.

“Repetitions don’t make truth of a lie. Despite claiming possession of evidence on shooting F-16, IAF still short of presenting it. Don’t overlook Pakistan’s silence for not drum beating losses on Indian side. Fact is that PAF shot down two IAF jets, wreckage seen on ground by all,” Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations Major General Asif Ghafoor tweeted.

Earlier , Ghafoor said that, “IAF claim of hitting F-16 by their Mig 21 before having been shot down by PAF gets exposed. All 4 missile seeker heads recovered intact from the wreckage & held. Pakistan and its professional Armed Forces staying humble by not drum beating. We have more truth on this to share,” he tweeted .

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