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J&K Healthcare Investment Policy; ‘An Another File in Government Records’

J&K Healthcare Investment Policy;  ‘An Another File in Government Records’
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Jammu: Month of April, across the world been memorialized as global Health Awareness Month. On eve of world health day, also leaders and responsibilities in the field pledges to take concrete steps to bring affordable range of world class healthcare services for the communities.

While, the WHO’s Global Monitoring Report, says that half of the world’s population, about 3.8bn lacked access to affordable quality healthcare. This reality is also alarming; it hampers our global commitment to the sustainable development goals (SGSD) of achieving universal healthcare by 2030. Now, the million dollars question as of J&K is; despite decent progress, why? We’re still a long way to establishing universal healthcare, then; why our people still need to travel to other adjoining states for better treatments.

Often the poor presence of corporate sector in J&K then, going-on, irregularities, overpriced (equal to corporate sector) and deprived facilities available in present system here, otherwise remain a big challenge for state Government else doctors stuff that keep on leaving the state for sharing better platforms thereat. Thus for, this J&K State Healthcare Investment Policy, been brought by present government under presidential rule in J&K. But, ever since this policy been announced, nothing eye-catching exercise been initiated by the administrative crowns of J&K-HME Department, as a final point given the impression of another muted mantra near just preparing a file as such.

Whereby; for attracting the healthcare providers, some serious efforts and exercises required to be made demonstrated while getting into those investments, fascinating the healthcare professionals and on improved conditions that we have changed our traditional system of delaying the things, if not. As, healthcare in J&K needs bold investors who are willing to put their stakes on building healthcare infrastructures’ to the tune or at par to other better states. But, no serious effort been observed so far in this regard.
While speaking on this, few stake holders and interested promoters, revealed to GMK that in recent times the healthcare industry in India has been criticised for unhealthy business practices, and if not, the corruption oriented practices then, a kind of obstacle creating behaviour of Government officials seriously left many Hospitals, Pharma Companies, Medtech Players and other Healthcare organisations to feel as dejected or disheartened. But, a state like Jammu & Kashmir, if genuinely wish to build the lost trust; must come with a catchy debates and must also organise some events to showcase their attractive programme and desired course of action. At the same time, steps must also be taken for reasonable availability of means and allied resources over strengthening the skilled education system while producing the requisite man power etc. ought to be take-care of, as-well.
By all said and done, organising a summit then, an invite to CXOs / CEOs of hospital chains, medical directors, owners/ promoters of hospitals and medical colleges or nursing colleges alongside established leaders in the field as consultants, thought leaders, industry stalwarts and domain experts to congregate for building J&K a medical destiny for best of private sector be made prepared.

Nothing bad, in calling all stakeholders for coming together to share their insights on business models that will work for J&K. And, let the first impression be focussed on Value-based healthcare delivery’, while the second for building a future ready healthcare sector in this state of opportunities and slip-ups, where chances of growths are ample. And let’s accept this as a bitter truth of being a raw state with no serious innovations, and even no critical care ambulances, wise of the mark, Dialysis Centres etc. to provide life support system to seriously injured patients and almost zero corporate presence or any seriousness over implementing the ground-breaking programs and schemes etc. by state or central Governments.

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