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ECI’s model code of conduct is for nothing?

ECI’s model code of conduct is for nothing?
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Full-on; Use of Religion and Castes in Present Political affairs

Jammu: The Supreme Court had outlawed seeking votes in the name of religion, caste, race, community or language. And, the Election Commission also repeatedly asked political parties and religious leaders to refrain from indulging in any such activities that may cause tensions between different castes and communities. As per the Model Code of Conduct, the use of caste and religion during the election campaign is strictly prohibited, but seems as if “No One Cares”.

Today, BSP chief Mayawati responded to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s recent remark that earned him an election code violation notice as she said both “Ali” and “Bajrangbali” were her own people, referring to the Muslim and Hindu communities. Speaking first in the second joint rally with alliance partner Akhilesh Yadav for the ongoing national election, the BSP chief said she wanted both “Ali” and “Bajrangali”. “Ali and Bajangbali, both are our own.

Yesterday, Srinagar’s Deputy Mayor Sheikh Mohammad Imran asked Kashmiris to add the prefix ”mujahid” to their names to send a strong message that the term is in no way related to terrorism and also to defeat those fighting elections fuelling “communal hatred”. Per Mr. Imran, Jihad is a spiritual fight against the enemy. Our religion is being misinterpreted by some sections of media,” he said in a statement.
According to him, the term ”mujahid” has been always used in a negative way by the media. And, Imraan further stated that “I will use the prefix ”mujahid” at every place where my name will be used. We are not terrorists. ”Mujahid” is in no way related to any kind of terrorism.” Said Srinagar’s Dt Mayor, who’s referring to BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, prefixing their social media handles with the word ”chowkidar”.

Given above, Union Minister Giriraj Singh warns Azam Khan after Bajrang Ali comment that He will come to Rampur to show you what Bajrangbali is, Giriraj Singh was reacting to Azam Khan’s comment at a rally in Rampur where the SP leader said, “in place of Ali and Bajrangbali, it should be Bajrang Ali”. Giriraj Singh said after the 2019 Lok Sabha election is over he will visit Rampur, where Azam Khan is contesting from, to “show” the SP leader “what Bajrangbali is”. Giriraj Singh is contesting as BJP candidate from Begusarai Lok Sabha seat in Bihar. “Azam Khan first insulted PM Modi, now he is insulting our god…Azam Khan, after I am done with the election in Begusarai, will come to Rampur and show what Bajrangbali is,” Giriraj Singh tweeted.

As usual, silent spectators of this regrettable phase, now be awaiting the so-called karara jawabs by the Government else watch and wait for the actions by ECI against these politicians’, said a senior citizen from Jammu while interacting with GMK.

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