From here to where-Will Modi’s coming to power again help break the ice on Kashmir?

From here to where-Will Modi’s coming to power again help break the ice on Kashmir?
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What is everyone in the sub-continent waiting for? It seems every political observer, half-baked experts on current scenario, a greater number of intellectuals, and almost every Tom, Dick and Harry in Kashmir is waiting for something to happen. The buzz in the air, as has been hinted upon by Imran Khan across the border, is that with the coming of Modi to power again we may expect to make headway on the Kashmir issue.
Ever since Imran Khan made it obvious that even he is impatiently waiting for Modi to retain power everyone on the streets of Kashmir is, if not praying, but definitely wishing for Modi to retain power. We remember that at a time when UPA retained power and decided to continue with the reticent Manmohan Singh as the prime minister of India, there was a buzz in the air too. There was unbridled excitement and many felt that a solution to the vexed Kashmir issue was just round the corner. However, at that point in time everyone knew that Congress, the sheet anchor of UPA, had BJP in opposition which could stick the card of ultra-nationalism at any point in time. Thus, the UPA was like traditional, as-it-was-in –the-days-gone-by, slow moving or not moving at all on Kashmir. The enthusiasm died its own death when in the last year of its governance it jumped the queue on death rows and hanged a few men to gain political mileage.
Even though Modi has never ever associated himself with the Vajpayee brand of politics, but surprisingly a lot of Kashmiris feel that in the second term Modi would be more tolerant towards minorities, cow vigilantes would be crowded in Tihar jail, and some headway would be made on the core issue. The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is so convinced that in the second term as India’s Prime Minister Modi would invite him for a round of talks on Kashmir.
Let us talk about another scenario. How about Modi in his last year as prime minister of India for the second term actually bombing some areas in south Kashmir or may be in downtown Srinagar also . Just to ensure that he rules India till 2029. Let us start talking about this scenario also rather than weaving spin dreams in broad day light. Modi, by all means, is not Vajpayee-and never desired to be like him or to be compared to him. So , our enthusiasts can just relax for a while, rest assured that status quo is not going to change irrespective of who sits on the throne of New Delhi.

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