LS Polls : Geelani calls for shutdown in Anantnag

LS Polls : Geelani calls for shutdown in Anantnag
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Srinagar : Hurriyat (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani urged people for a complete election boycott and shut down on April 23 in Anantnag.

In a statement issued, He said that participation in elections, amounts to “betrayal of the sacred blood of martyrs and disrespect towards those who were deprived of their belongings, lost eyesight, arrested, economically strangulated, caged and enforced demographic changes through judicial onslaught just to cement the illegal forced occupation.”

He asked people to stand united in defeating the “nefarious designs” of the oppressor” and completely boycott the elections as they did in Srinagar, which will have a very positive and encouraging effect on the ongoing movement.

Geelani said India was portraying these elections as a substitute to our right to self-determination and always tries to hoodwink the Indian people and the international community.

He said that those who participate in elections and seeking votes from people have an “unending lust” of power and wealth, which increases with each passing day.

They are nothing, but the “worst enemies of our nation as they act as the collaborators of the oppressor” just for their personal gains, the statement said.

“It is their lust for power and follies sponsored by these corroborators that justify the enforced occupation,” he said.

The Hurriyat (G) chief said that we have invested mighty human material and every person, family and region has its own contribution which legalizes and compels the stakeholders not to let these precious sacrifices go waste.

Geelani said votes on basic necessities and daily needs are being portrayed as an endorsement for “their forced occupation. ”

He said people should convey a strong message to the world community that Jammu and Kashmir is a political dispute and the “election drama cannot be an alternative” to the right to self-determination for people in the State.

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