Might cannot be right in a democracy

Might cannot be right in a democracy
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Last year’s newspapers were filled with reports of atrocities on minorities in India. India has reached such a stage where rule of the majority works out. Even though in the constitution protection of the rights of the minorities is clearly enshrined but still the current dispensation does not give one hoot to the constitutional guarantees. All twelve months of the year for the entire tenure of five years the Bharatya Janata Party (BJP) led NDA is hell bent on protecting its vote bank-it can practically resort to all covert and overt means to achieve that.
The lower caste Dalits continue to be victimized by the upper caste Hindus. Even in scorching summer heat they are barred from drawing water from the wells which upper caste Hindus use. Not only that the Muslims and other minorities across India continue to be victimized by the right-wing Hindu organizations. The jingoistic euphoria has swept India and whole right-wing is swaying with the majority wind. With almost a license to do anything to safeguard their petty interests these fringe groups have resorted to lynching of the minority Muslim cattle traders. In some areas even the police are subservient to them. The current dispensation in Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state of India, is literally handicapped before these fringe groups.
In elections, money does play a big part. The money lenders coerce the poor farmers and laborers to vote for a candidate of their choice for increase in repayment time span. In joint families it is usually the family elder who decides whom to vote for. Usually in areas where minorities live in very dismal percentage also vote for the candidate for whom the majority votes-this is done for fear of being lynched by the majority.
The candidates for the current dispensation have many times crossed the line in attacking people of a particular community. BJP has an almost extra-terrestrial Amit Shah as in Chief-election-in-charge who ensures when to whip up the sentiments of public using provocative slogans, pledging to drown Bangladeshi intruders into Bay of Bengal.
Amidst all this cacophony, we all are forgetting what is written in the constitution and its emblem.

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