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Raj Bhavan under presidential rule must have to take notice of “Healthcare schemes those are falling in J&K”

Raj Bhavan under presidential rule must have to take notice of “Healthcare schemes those are falling in J&K”
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Jammu : Although! Health is a fundamental human right and a global social goal. It is appropriate for the realization of basic human needs and for a better quality of life. Unfortunately, health sector when compared with other states (Including North East States) J&K still remains largely untouched and continues to suffer neglected, in terms of implementation of central sponsored schemes. “Fear” __ best known to officials or state governances, those might be afraid of spending state’s share which is merely just 10% and despite major contributions by centre to the tune of 90%.

It was ‘Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’ who announced in his Independence Day speech in 2012 that the government would soon launch a national scheme for free medicines and diagnostics. When the Bharatiya Janata Party assumed power at the Centre in 2014, Arun Jaitley said in his 2014 budget speech that a free medicines and diagnostics scheme would be set up. Then, PM Modi in his speech from Red Fort in 2015 announced ‘NATIONAL DIALYSIS PROGRAM’. Things otherwise repeated on Floor of JK Assembly house by then, chief ministers Umar Abdhulla, Mehbooba Muft and various former Health Ministers Sham Lal, Summan Bhagat, Lala Singh or Bali Baghat etc. and others including Gulam Nabi Azaad as CM or as Union Health minister on the subject of initiating Ambulances as well as services like Air Ambulances in this ill-luck stacked state of J&K. But, if reality be checked, reports are coming that Dialysis Patients are being thrown into mouth of death by the inexperienced staff at DH Rajouri while performing the dialysis procedures of regular patients on the isolated areas and on machines meant for HIV positive patients and almost near same is the situation at Gandhi Nagar Hospital Jammu or DH Baramulla where machines are laying non-operational for weeks and months together, leaving patients to wait or die otherwise.

What to talk of adjournments for years together in putting into practice the most needed “102-108 Ambulance Services, or Misrepresented National Dialysis Program in J&K else National Program for Biomedical Equipment Maintenance” etc. Programs like “Free drugs initiative” and “Free Diagnostic Services” also seems as if going to be another slogan and matter of conducting wasteful meetings only. Yes! Regrettably, J&K Health and Medical Education Department, where huge and overgenerous expenditures in travelling’s alongside time wasting etc. is becoming a routine for conducting big meetings by our so called competent officials, resulting zero executions there-of.

While; people do have a right to free medicines and other healthcare facilities, but in reality in J&K above 90% still spending on medicines and other items / services from their own pocket. Despite the implementation big schemes like Ayushmaan health insurance protection, which won’t actually help patients where they spend most of their money. And if sources at National Health Mission (NHM) New Delhi be believed, despite repeated reminders to pay “special attention” with “intensification of initiatives such as National Health Mission Free Drugs and Diagnostics Services Initiatives, Biomedical Equipment Maintenance, and 102-108 Ambulance Services” etc. J&K officials seems more interested in travelling or meetings and trainings etc. rather than getting the things implemented on ground for public interests. As, in successive meetings GOI raised all such issues including “free drugs”.

Anyhow; brainpowers in working group constituted by planning commission in 2011, had recommended the national program for free medicines and diagnostics, a move prompted by similar schemes successfully implemented in Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. Alongside, it’s sensible to mention here that Tamil Nadu on whose analogy the JKMSCL has been constituted, introduced a free medicines model in 1995. It consisted of highly effective systems of drug procurement, quality checks and supply and distribution. Sixteen years later, in 2011, Rajasthan launched a similar but expanded scheme for free medicines called ‘Mukhya Mantri Nishulk Dawa Yojana’(MMNDY). Rajasthan is usually not seen as an exemplary state but in this aspect of healthcare, the scheme was widely praised, including by the WHO. Unfortunately, J&K is still a silent spectator on all such burning issues despite being a state with high risks, militancy affected, accident zone, bordering state to Pakistan and China. Moreover entire J&K falls in seismic zone-IV & V, and otherwise seems helpless to all allied natural or manmade disasters.

Anyway; Nothing doing as our government including seats of power are still sleeping .

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