Palestinian mother, baby killed in Israeli raids on Gaza

Palestinian mother, baby killed in Israeli raids on Gaza
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GMK Photo : Mariam Riyad Dagga

Mariam Riyad Dagga

Gaza: Israel on Saturday evening expanded its air strikes across the Gaza Strip targeting residential buildings with guided missiles from F-16 fighter jets.

The bombardment on Saturday came after Hamas, which rules Gaza, and the Islamic Jihad movement fired more than 200 rockets towards cities and villages in southern Israel.

Three residential buildings were destroyed as a result of the bombing campaign which has led to the death of five Palestinians including a pregnant lady and her 14-month-old daughter after their home was targeted in the east of Gaza. The fifth victim of the strikes was name as 25-year-old Mohammed Abu Qliq who fell to the north of Gaza City.

One of the buildings was also home to the headquarters of Turkey’s Anadolu Agency and the Prisoners’ Information Office.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza named victims as: 22-year-old Imad Muhammad Nasir, 14-month-old Saba Mahmoud Abu Arar, her mother Falesteen Saleh Abu A’rar who was 37 years old, and her unborn child Abdullah.

Explosions in Gaza City, where busy streets were packed with shoppers making preparations for the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.

The escalation began on Friday when a sniper from Islamic Jihad
fired at Israeli troops across the border wounding two of them, according to the Israeli military. A retaliatory Israeli air strike then killed two fighters from Hamas.

The state of unrest has led the Ministry of Education to declare all schools in the affected areas closed tomorrow. While Israel has indefinitely closed all crossings into the besieged enclave.

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