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Kashmir markets bustle as Ramadan begins with price-hike warnings

Kashmir markets bustle as Ramadan begins with price-hike warnings
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Srinagar: As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan begins, the prices of daily essential commodities have gone up with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

Visiting the Valley’s various areas, this reporter found that the prices of commodities had risen alarmingly. Lame excuses of supply disruption have been advanced for increase in price of vegetables in Kashmir valley.

To oversee the markets, the government has set up a group of committees which are responsible for regulating the price of goods.

“The food prices in the market are raising day by day, You can see more bustle in the markets. For example, Tomato, Potato, Cauliflower, onion and other vegetables are in high demand as people stock up for many days, when they are fasting, tired, and go out less. The prices here are touching the Sky,” Zubair Mir a resident of Rambagh told GMK.

A vegetable seller who requested anonymity in Batamaloo said: “I have been seeing price hikes during Ramadan every year for the past decades of my business here. This year is no exception.” “Prices of some vegetables shoot up as their demand increases during Ramadan,” he said.

“We usually take vegetables from the Parimpora fruit mandi but vegetable merchants have increased the rates .We are forced to sell the vegetable at higher prices to recover our costs what can we do, we too have to earn ,” said another vegetable seller .

Zuhaib Abass, a local resident of Barzulla said, “cucumbers, Tomatos, Onions, Potatoes green chillies, etc. have high demand during Ramadan. These always become more expensive during the holy month.

“The government could not control this price hike before, so why would they be expected to this year? These are essential goods, so we are bound to purchase them no matter the price.

Today I bought one kg of tomato at 60 rupees that was 50 a two days ago, he also said.

“When our committees visit the markets, they penalise those who violate the rules,” said a senior official of FCS&CA.

He says , “We have cataloged prices from previous months and years, Wherever we see an increase, we’ll investigate and punish those who violate the rules,” he added .

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