Ramadan blessings

Ramadan blessings
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The month of Ramadan is upon us. Out of all the twelve months this month of blessings is much awaited for. Every healthy Muslim is tasked to fast till dawn to dusk during this month. In some countries the fasting hours are a mere 11 hours while as in other countries it ranges from 14 to 15 hours.

The concept of fasting is to test our resilience and integrity. The Muslims are expected to do more charity, curtail work hours for the Labour force, pray Salah with regularity, do more Zikr of Allah, and organize ‘iftaars’ and sehri for the underprivileged sections of the society. It is usually understood that a good deed done during Ramadan earns 70 times more rewards than a good deed done during other eleven months.

Apart from praying Salah and reciting Quran which is absolutely mandatory during this holy month we have to also ensure that our Maamlaat (our financial, emotional and personal relations) with other people are also good. Usually that one aspect we lag behind.

One disease of soul that almost all suffer from is being jealous of prosperity achieved by a neighbor or a relative. This disease is pervasive across all economic sections of our society. We must understand that it is almighty who decides how much wealth a man or a family earns. If someone of our neighbors becomes rich in a span of a few years we must keenly observe Allah’s way of making changes happen in the lives of people. Instead of being jealous we must constantly pray to almighty for sending us wealth and prosperity. Besides, we must as practical people observe what new strategies we can apply to our businesses or our office works to gain more capital, promotions and incentives. We invest a lot of productive time in observing prosperity gained by other people and become needlessly jealous.

Other disease of the soul that almost all of us suffer from is peeking into the private lives of other people. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) strictly forbade Muslims from peeking into privacy of others. On some other occasions Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) strictly asked people not to needlessly inquire from people what they were carrying in their bags, what they had cooked for evening meals etc. We find people sitting on shop fronts needlessly gossiping about the lives of other people. The gossip is usually about wealth of other people, women, children, ill-gotten wealth etc. Men spend hours on this gossip.

May this Ramadan be a month of blessings for us and may our economic, social and economic conditions improve for the good. Most importantly, may all our spiritual diseases get cured during this month.

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