What if there is no NAMO again?

What if there is no NAMO again?
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The general assumption in the sub-continent these days is that the current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would retain power on May 19 when the results for the union elections in India would be declared. A lot of equations are dependent on his retaining power. The first man to die of a heart attack if Modi does not retain power would be, strange to say, his Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan. The whole futuristic geopolitical strategy of Imran Khan is dependent on the main pivot of Modi retaining power. Imran Khan has read rosary a lot of times: Things will improve once Modi retains power, Modi would be a changed man once he retains power, Modi would try his level best to improve relations with India’s neighbors and most importantly we can think of headway in as far as the vital issue of Kashmir is concerned.

There was one other man who tried to see Vajpayee in Modi-the former patron of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Mufti Muhammad Sayeed. The latter died a sad man as Modi tersely told him that he was a man who insisted on being heard and did not relish the prospect of being dictated things which fall in his domain. Modi has been more iconoclastic than Imran could ever be. It is a secondary question that Modi broke the idols of secularism and wore his favoritism towards the majority Hindus unabashedly on his sleeves.

There are half-baked experts in Kashmir who opine that Modi would be a changed man once he retains power. There would be a lot of heartbreaks both ways-If Modi retains power or if he does not. For all 66 years of his life he believed that religious fanaticism was the way to go in India. To expect him to change his core philosophy in the autumn of his life is nothing but puerile stupidity.

Modi is what he is-a right wing heavyweight who does not miss an opportunity to bear his jingoistic fangs even if it means to undermine the sanctity of the prime minister’s chair. To expect such a man to change in his second term as prime minister does not show sound mental outlook.

Modi or no Modi, the deep Indian and Pakistani state has the same policy vis-a-Kashmir. Even Imran Khan knows it. But, just to keep the public in good humor the former Pakistani fast bowler sometimes bowls the reverse swing of Modi changing into a flexible, forward-moving politician after retaining power.

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