Rape of a girl child

Rape of a girl child
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From last few days the rape of a three year old girl hogged the headlines in the newspapers of Kashmir. How can a teen be so sinister as to rape a three year old child? How can one possibly think of quenching one’s lust using the innocent body of a three-year-old child? This again shows that Kashmir, the land of seers and saints is changing. The materialism which has kept in our lives has denuded us of all moral values and now the entities left of our world are the ever-busy individuals living in an ever bulging concrete jungle.

The news like rape of a child was unheard of in Kashmir. It was a kind of news that our grandfathers and grandmothers have neither seen nor heard of. It is a crime against humanity. There can never ever be any mercy for a child rapist. A child rapist deserves the strictest possible punishment. The punishment should serve as a deterrent for the entire society. The rape in general should be punished in such a way that the general public sees as something totally unpardonable.

The scene in the metropolitan cities of India is very bad when it comes to the security of women. However, Kashmir was considered to be the safest place possible for women and children. With the latest incident Kashmir is added to the host of places where a girl child is not safe. When the news of the small child from Bandipora was still being condemned by all and sundry we had one more rape of a girl child in Ganderbal. All of a sudden people in calibrate whispers are asking each other the silent questions: what is wrong with us? What is wrong with our education system? What is wrong with our moral and religious education?

The Bandipora and Ganderbal incidents have sent shivers down the spines of every conscious citizen. It is very important for the social fabric of ours that the culprits are brought to book. Let our daughters walk our streets safe and secure.

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