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Impact or Realities of Exit Polls May; Convey Disorders?

Impact or Realities of Exit Polls  May; Convey Disorders?
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Jammu: At the times, when Modi supporters might be preparing themselves for enjoying and celebrating another grand slam victory throughout India, along with SENSEX that topped 39,000 level on exit poll jubilation; Few Hindu Mahasabha Members Arrested For Celebrating Nathuram Godse’s Birth Anniversary in Gujarat. This is the tip which must be a point of discussion and worries otherwise for intellectual and peace loving populace of India.

Though! Opponents are hoping the failure of exit polls those have repeatedly failed to predict the result accurately many times, but; Obviously this is not at all acceptable to BJP’s followers.
Anyhow; people of Jammu and Kashmir still in suspense about 370 & 35-A. And, quite eager to know about Modi’s stand and his cares for safeguarding the Bajpayee’s pledges here-at. While! Four exit polls saw big wins for the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), predicting that it would win anywhere between 280 and 315 seats, far more than the Congress party and easily gaining the required margin as such. Whereas, against 71 UP’s seats, Nielsen-ABP poll suggests this time it will lose as many as 51 of those seats to powerful regional parties.

Given above, within rumors and predictions on state assembly poll dates, people of J&K seems more bothered about the unbecoming graph of tourism and rising unemployment in the state because of ongoing corruption in ‘ceremonial violence’ which is another reason of worries beside terrorism here. Thumbs down to bring innovations else rebuff kind of approached for bringing the modernization is more important than removal of 370 / 35-A, said Mir Tariq Ali, a senior journalist from South Kashmir. Mir further added, that the time has come, to bring changes in the valley through modernization and to an extent Mr. Ali appreciated the Modi’s slogan saying ‘SOCH BADLO DESH BADLEGA’,

Tariq and few of his journalist friends while interacting with GMK reporters expressed their serious concern on developments and employment avenues besides facilities at par to other states and anticipated that better sense prevails among seats of powers in centre as well as among leadership / bureaucratic corridors of J&K. Above all, the officials under regimes must also show their keenness in bringing changes much more than showing soft spots to politicians or just passing times while ensuring their skin savings, articulated Rajinder Singh Pashi an another columnist from Jammu, accompanying the group of intellectuals’.

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