The right and left of Indian elections

The right and left of Indian elections
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It seems that left with a Hobson’s choice of somehow defeating Trinamool Congress the left or more precisely the Communist Party of India (CPIM) in West Bengal has decided to cave in to its dogged opposition to the saffron right in one of the most populous states of India and to sort of give an invisible, noiseless support in some quarters to Modi-led BJP. They say that in politics there are no permanent friends or enemies. However, the news report “Ram Navmi on Lenin Street” left many surprised of how politics in India works in sinister plots leaving every observer surprised.

In our own Kashmir the deputy mayor of Srinagar Sheikh Imran recently joined People’s Conference (PC), a party which of late has shown keenness to be part of a BJP-led alliance in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Well, all in good faith, but the earlier statements of Sheikh Imran suggest that he was diametrically opposed to the mayor of Srinagar Junaid Mattu and had also ridiculed the latter’s entry into People’s Conference. Sometime back, Sheikh Imran considered People’s Conference (PC) a party of traitors and now he is happily a part of it-that is where the core essence of Indian politics lies in.

Shatrughan Sinha, who was very vocal of Modi and Amit Shah, was left in a corner when Congress walked up to him. There are countless examples but Navjot Singh Sidhu defies all logic. A man who once compared Narendra Modi to the famous south-Indian actor Rajnikanth saying Modi does in real life what the foppishly dressed super hero does in movies. Now, the same garrulous Navjot Singh Sidhu is the most vocal critic of Narendra Modi.

Having said that, however, West Bengal would be a key state to watch when the election results would be declared on May 23. CPI (M) is taking a urge risk in its zest to overthrow Mamata Bannerjee. CPI(M) cannot afford to open doors of opportunity for BJP in West Bengal. BJP could prove to be a Trojan horse waiting to uproot both Trinamool and CPI (M) from the bastion which oscillates between the two Bengal-based parties.

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