Poll-counting: Modi led BJP coalition leads polls

Poll-counting: Modi led BJP coalition leads polls
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New Delhi : As country began counting hundreds of millions of votes in its general election on Thursday, with a coalition led by Modi’s party taking an early lead.

The NDA, led by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is expected to surpass the 300 seats .

The BJP led alliance is ahead with 340 seats, with the alliance led by Congress on 90 seats. The non-aligned parties currently have 112 seats.

Trends are expected to be known by 4 pm and final results are due by Thursday evening.

The NDA’s predicted margin of victory is larger than surveys indicated in the run-up to the vote, when most polls showed it would be the largest alliance but would fall short of an overall majority.

Modi was under pressure when he began campaigning, losing three state elections in December amid rising anger over farm prices and unemployment.

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