US-Iran tensions

US-Iran tensions
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There is a lot of tension in the part of the world we know as the Gulf. The maverick President of the United State of America(USA) in a recent tweet almost threatened to wipe out Iran from the face of earth. “It would be the official end of you”, he wrote on social networking site Twitter.

Iran is accused of threatening and bullying US Allies in the region. In particular, USA is not happy with the way Iran has asserted its one-upmanship with Saudi Arabia and Israel-two key US Allies.The Saudi Arabia on the other hand has had enough of Iran’s veiled and not so veiled threats and now wants US to put an end to this. Israel on the other hand has long been complaining to uncle Sam about how Iran’s policy towards Israel is ripped of all diplomatic niceties and that Israel wants an end to the constant threats posed to it by the jamboree of Islamic clerics actually ruling the roost in Iran.

Iran, on the other hand, has a shrinking economy which could hot rock bottom anytime in near future due to the sanctions imposed by USA. In fact, Donald Trump has been a vocal critic of Iran for long and moved out of the nuclear power deal with Iran. Iran, in order have the sanctions lifted off, and to somehow get back US to the terms of the nuclear power agreement is trying to bully Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The USA, it seems, is on a look out for a permanent solution to the clergy-led government in Iran. On the other hand, Iran is not a pushover. It has a professional navy force, missile arsenal, a good army and a reasonably good defense communication. Iran would be a costly affair for USA and after Vietnam USA might suffer heavy casualties. Beating Iran on its home would prove to very difficult, at least, the cost of such a war would run into trillions of dollars.

Besides, this time round, the key US Allies in Europe also do not seem to be sure of joining US-led forces. They have seen how US uses propaganda to launch its misadventures. US may have to with a few of its acolyte nations if at all it decides to go for the war which many observers say would be the most destructive war of 21st century.

Iran has been a cradle of civilization for many centuries. It’s Shira, Gilan, Shomaal, Hamdan have been centers of learning. In contemporary times, Iran produces the most number of quality brains as compared to any Muslim nation. The technological advancement of Iran is also something the west has envied for long.

It remains to be seen as and when the overzealous president of the USA decides to go on an all out offensive on Iran. However, it must remember that Iran is not Afghanistan or Iraq.

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