Begging menace

Begging menace
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It is the month of blessings. The holy month of Ramzan stresses on integrity, brotherhood, justice, incorruptible uprightness and charity. We human being sometimes in our mad rat race of becoming richer and richer often tend to forget the people in the marginalized sections of the society which in turn leads to mushrooming of orphanages and ubiquity of beggars on our streets.
Every religion stresses for welfare state-where the injured, diseased, poor, orphans, elderly people and physically challenged are taken care of by the joint effort of the establishment and society. The very presence of orphanages tells us that some uncle or any other first blood relative did not take care of the child. The very presence of beggars on our streets tells us the fact that someone somewhere did not act well as a first responder.
In the holy month of Ramzan the beggars from across the Indian pay a visit to the valley begging for alms. At times they pester office goers and students to the extent that it creates an unwanted scene on the roads. The governments across the Indian states must ensure that no one is hungry and without clothes. Talking of the beggars from our own Kashmir we must admit they are in minority. However, there are ubiquitous scenes of bearded men entering offices and buses seeking donations for orphanages and religious seminaries. Usually these men also display photographs of children whom they have helped in the past. This advertisement of juvenile children in the age group of 10-15 years is not good for the self-esteem of those children
As responsible citizens we have to be the first responders and react to a situation quickly so that no one is forced to beg before us. If we pay someone after he begs for it, it reflects on the collective failure of the society. We have to see around, probe, observe and contemplate as and when we need to act for our fellow brethren in stress. As people who believe in religion, we must ourselves take the initiative of finding the needy amongst us.

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