Gloomy 10- Janpath

Gloomy 10- Janpath
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It is amazing how things have a fall. Even more amazing is the dance of democracy which makes even the high and mighty bite the dust. The Congress headquarters in 10-Janpath wears a gloomy look on account of the massive defeat it got in the recently held general elections in India. The Congress of Jawa har Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi has reached such a stage that wallowing in self spite the chief of congress party and the grandson of Indira Gandhi has offered to resign as party. The move follows his failure to retain a crucial seat in the most populous state of India.

What actually went wrong with Congress? Why did it get just 10 per cent of the total seats? Why is it that the oldest political party in South Asia cannot salvage even a respectable 100 seat tally?

We must not forget who did the major scandals during UPA-2. If Modi is invincible today it is mainly because of the scandals of the second term of UPA. The Indian National Congress(INC) has a lot to atone for especially in an Era when the entire country seems to be high on jingoistic weed. The most amazing thing about this election was that BJP ventured into areas which it earlier considered to be no go areas. Who would have imagined the right-wing party would make a clean sweep in Bengaluru and Mumbai? Who would have thought that almost all seats in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru-the so called English-speaking hub of liberal Indians would vote for Modi?

It is high time for the Congress party to make way for young leaders like Sachin Pilot and Jyotiraditya Scindiya. Time is running short for Congress. It is not a time to refuse resignation offered by non-performing leaders. It is time for a complete overhaul. While we are worried about Congress, someone spare a thought for CPI (M). It has been relegated to oblivion.

The Congress has to do a lot of soul searching and without delay do a lot of demotions and promotions. May the last man to leave 10-Janpath in this hour please turn on the lights.

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