Jhelum scare

Jhelum scare
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It is the time of the year when the heat and the humidity peaks in Kashmir. However, 2019 has been an exception. It is snowing in the higher reaches right in the middle of what was supposed to be summer. The rainfall in the plains has led the rivulets to swell and now we have a scenario where river has touched alarm levels in Jhelum at almost all gauge reading points.

Since the rainfall is now intermittent we can expect a reprieve in the coming days. However, what if the rains had not stopped? What if it had rained for two more days? We are not saying anything unusual. Contiguous rainfall is a part and parcel of July and August weather in Kashmir. Where is our preparedness?

While the administration was vocal after the Floods of 2014 that such an unprecedented would not arise again. What happened to that promise? Where is the dredging work in the existing flood Channel? If we are not wrong there was a talk of an alternate flood Channel which could provide safety to the citizens. What happened to that proposal? What about the dredging work in river Jhelum itself? How much percentage work was completed on that?

Today as we are entering another year where the possibility of Floods hitting high is quite high, people are beginning to gaze at each other’s sullen faces and ask these questions.

The government needs to be on a high alert to save life and property. The people also stop bothering about dredging in the dry periods which is not an ideal thing. The government is accountable to people in this manner. The residents of uptown Srinagar are at the highest risks. The establishment is toying with the lives of people by developing a lackadaisical approach towards tackling flood threats. The establishment needs to be made accountable in this regard.

At the same time we pray that the rains stop and we have some sunny days. Summer should be known for a season of peak activity and certainly not for spawning Floods.

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