Corruption- when will it end?

Corruption- when will it end?
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They say that there is a time period for everything. However, something always appear to be timeless. Corruption seems to be so deeply rooted in the society that it is impossible to believe that it will end anytime soon.

Corruption does not end because people have a change of heart. Corruption ends through rigorous enforcement, monitoring and punitive action. According to one rough survey the state of Jammu and Kashmir had been ranked as one of the most corrupt states of India. There has been a phenomenal increase in the number of corruption cases ever since the eruption of militancy in late 80s. People found a universal excuse of indulging in corruption and then blaming it on the circumstances. It was an impossible state of affairs where people in their subconscious mind thought that looting government departments was not all that bad given the prism with which anything related to government was looked upon.

This Neanderthal, sub-human vision corroded our education, law enforcement, judiciary, roads and buildings, tourism and most importantly our Healthcare departments. Without any concrete tracking, auditing and monitoring people working in government departments did what suited them the most. The general public suffered a great deal because of this massive corruption happening across the rank and file of all departments. There had been cases where a resolute incorruptible employee was bumped off to pave way for massive looting.

Now that the things are not that bad the anti-corruption units in all three regions of state must open all old files of corruption and build watertight cases against the officials who looted public exchequer. The looters of our forests, the most corrupt in Roads & Buildings, police and Healthcare need to be brought to book.

We want a corruption free Kashmir. No one should be allowed to use the political situation as a shield for their shady deals. Our children deserve better educational facilities, our diseases deserve better Healthcare and we all deserve better roads. We are all tax payers and would want the best in return for our money. We hope things change as we believe that some action has been triggered. However, there needs to be consistency in tackling with corruption.

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