DD Kashir-Time to make it Great Again  

Launched with much fanfare by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2003 and peaking in the subsequent years DD Kashir is now a damp squib thanks to repetitive programs, archival footage, and alien language daily soaps on primetime, overwritten scripts and below standard anchoring.
DD Kashir  was once known for amusing the audiences with its classy content and the variety of programs it produced. But as of now it seems it has lost its old glory and has, in fact, become synonymous with corruption.
While the channel continues to broadcast news, interviews, and an educational show for students, major part of its schedule consists of repeat telecasts or programmes lifted from sister channels like DD Urdu and DD Kisan. Despite a continued demand for work from its producers, DD Kashir has produced no serials, documentaries, or reality shows in years.
Nearly 46 years after its inception, DD Srinagar has failed to make any mark on the national platform. As  the lack of artists   has led to deterioration in production, “A dearth of manpower in technical and creative departments and reluctance to evolve with time has stalled progress,”
The officials of DD Kashir say that they have no money for broadcasting newer programs or for the production of in-house segments during its morning show. It must be borne in mind that only in 2017, a commission notice was published by Prasar Bharati laying out guidelines, duration, time slot, budget  for the production of various programs including daily soaps, comedy soap, cuisine show, Travelogue, Good Morning show etc. It must be borne in mind for one episode of cuisine show five lakh rupees have been allotted and for one episode of a daily soap a similar five lakh rupees have been allotted. Who gets these programs? Who produces them? And in whose account does the money go?
All that we see on DD Kashir is archival footage and serials in Hindi or any other language. Even in the good morning show we do not see fresh segments but all the tapes from the archival libraries are hauled out to show it to the gullible people.
  The excuse that DD Kashir authorities used to give was that there were dearth of funds but with the commissioning of programs and layout for budget scheme by Prasar Bharati something even murkier appears to be unfolding.
It must be noted that despite facing hardships and socially ostracized the artists, writers and producers went about their business in the conflict-ridden nineties. It is amazing how the same artists are now borrowing money from each others to meet their day to day needs.
  It is high time that the authorities at DD Kashir are made answerable as to where all the money is going. If the authorities still say we have no money then the government of India has to be made answerable.
We do not want a scenario where all anchors and artists boycott DD Kashir. As many Kashmiris have switched over to other means of entertainment and consider DD Kashir not worth their time. What a pity for a channel that spawned some of the greatest TV artists of Kashmir.

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