India Can’t stop freedom movement in Kashmir , Says Pak PM

ISLAMABADPrime Minister of Pakistan  Imran Khan has said despite New Delhi’s many attempts, India will never be able to suppress the freedom movement of the people of Kashmir.
The premier made the remarks while sitting down for an interview with Turkish news agency TRT World.


“Two nuclear armed countries should not even think of a war; not even a Cold war because it could worsen any time. The only way is bilateral talks. Two nuclear armed countries at war is like a suicide” –…


Pak PM Imran said Islamabad wanted dialogue with India but New Delhi has refused the country’s many peace overtures. He said the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is involved in human rights violations in  Kashmir.
After pellet guns, Indian forces to unleash new lethal weapon on protesters in Kashmir .
The prime minister said Pakistan is facing multiple crises. However, the government will effectively solve all these challenges in due time.
He claimed the country’s economy had improved in the last four months of his government’s tenure.

To a question, Khan  said Islamabad wanted relations with the US based on equality and “we are ready to become an ally with the United States for peace in Afghanistan.”

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