Infant Baby being Buried Alive-A New Low

In the largest graveyard of the city in downtown Srinagar a man was recently arrested for trying to bury alive his new born baby who as it emerged was suffering from some congenital disease. Let us do Fyodor Dostoevsky and try to get inside the mind of the man who is so desperate and sees no other alternative other than burying his own new born baby.
    The man belonged to highland Shopian, a town known for its opulence due to orchards selling delicious and longer shelf life variety of apples. Let us assume he was a person with no orchards. We are talking about one of the richest towns of entire state of Jammu and Kashmir. The man gauged that his infant baby needed a lifelong treatment and try he may he could never get enough money to treat his baby. He expected no help from any state institution, and Non-governmental organization or the orchardists and the general public at large.
    Without even trying to justify what diabolic deed he was about to attempt, it is time we do a bit of a self introspection. Let us ask ourselves how many institutes have we developed for the treatment of such babies. Do we have any financial security for the parents of the babies with congenital or rare diseases?
   And most importantly, is the divide between riches and poor growing so large that we feel there is no concept of charity, no official philanthropy? Above all our society lacks an Eidhi foundation, the likes of which was in Pakistan. The man is from Shopian, the land of wealth. In his sub-conscious he was fully sure no one would help him financially. We often overlook the problems faced by our unemployed, by our private school teachers, by laborers, by masons and by our carpenters a good majority of whom earn from hand to mouth.
   It is time to organize charities by those people who have an unquestionable reputation in public life to help the poor and the lower-middle classes meet their day to day expenses. It is time to come forward and help our brothers in need. We do not want another case where a man feels so helpless so as to be forced to bury his child alive.

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