Kashmir Morning Delights

The recent news of a journalist in Rajasthan being booked for a video of him eating roti-salt midday meal has sent shockwaves throughout the country. The journalist, Anish Gupta, was accused of violating the Rajasthan Food Security Act by filming the meal without permission.

However, the court has now given Gupta a clean chit, finding no evidence of wrongdoing. This is welcome news, as it shows that the law can be used to protect journalists who are simply doing their job.

The decision also brings to light the importance of midday meals in India. These meals provide much-needed nutrition to millions of children in the country, and should be celebrated rather than criminalised.

It's also worth noting that the Rajasthan Food Security Act itself is a positive step towards ensuring food security in the state. While the law may need to be tweaked to better protect journalists, it is a good example of how legislation can be used to ensure everyone has access to healthy, nutritious meals.

In conclusion, the decision to give Gupta a clean chit is a positive step towards protecting journalists, and towards ensuring food security for all. We can only hope that similar decisions are made in the future, and that more states follow Rajasthan's lead in creating legislation to protect those in need.

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