Kashmiri Shops Looted in Rohru Shimla During Recent Communal Unrest


■ Wasim  Mir 


Shimla: A mob ransacks Kashmiri shops in Rohru Tehsil in Shimla district after severed head of calf found in market on Thursday, reports said.

Shopkeepers told GMK that on 26 December, three shops in the market were looted by  mob following rumors of a dead calf in the area.

Mudasir Ahmad, a Kashmiri Shopkeeper who hails from South Kashmir District Anantnag said that, angry mob first vandalized the vegetable market belonging to some Muslims. Then they attacked our shops in main market of Rohru, he said.“Protestors were carrying hammers, iron roads, and sticks. They broke shop shutters and started vandalizing everything. Police was there but they were standing as ‘mute spectators’,” he said. There are around 5 to 6 Kashmiri shops in the market and 3 of them were looted by the mob.

During the past many years, they have never done anything which is against the aspirations of a local community or hurt their religious sentiments,” he said.

“He said it has been now four days after the incident, local administration has turned deaf towards Kashmiri traders.
While as, the police has booked 10 men over the ransacking of shops at a market in Tehsil Rohru district Shimla after severed head of calf found. The men have been booked under different sections of the Indian Penal Code for instigating and taking part in the ransacking of shops.

The FIR was registered on the basis of a statement by the Rohru station house officer, police added. It names 10 people. The police said the situation remained under control on Friday.
“Kashmiri Traders Seeking Jammu and Kashmir government’s intervention, the shopkeepers have appealed Governor, Satya  Pal Malik, to look into the matter.”

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