Old Radio Kashmir Voices Have Lost the Charm 

Some of the observers in the valley point to the fact that the twenty first century did not come to Radio Kashmir. Radio Kashmir it must be noted is the oldest broadcasting organization of Kashmir. From last seven decades every big intellectual of the state or in particular valley has been a regular voice from radio-either as a talker or as someone who wrote scripts or poetry for Radio Kashmir. This would be too short to count the stalwarts who have been regulars at Radio Kashmir from the last seven decades. The compositions Radio Kashmir created are still remembered for their sublimity and are on the lips of the elders even today.
     However, cutting to the chase, Radio Kashmir of today is well past its glory. The current affairs program “Sheherbeen” is too monotonous, too predictable: Its baritone anchoring too irritating and its script too formal. The people who are doing the program have been doing it from last two decades. The content and the style of delivery makes up for the twenty seven minutes of ‘broadcasting torture’ which simply pales out in comparison to the quality of news-related programs aired on the same time from other private mediums.
        Radio Kashmir, despite the equipment, gadgets and manpower has not been able to arrive in the twenty first century. The decade old FM stations are giving it a run for its money. The old announcers are neither improving their own caliber nor letting the new comers sustain for any substantial amount of time. Prasar Bharati rattled by the lack of quality even ordered Radio Kashmir not to let announcers/talkers who have crossed the age of sixty to present programs. However, it seems that under the garb of “Challenging circumstances” Radio Kashmir is promoting mediocrity and New Delhi unwillingly corroborates. Time has come that the tax-paying public makes Radio Kashmir accountable.
Whenever general public is not happy with the content of Radio Kashmir, instead of switching over to other forms of entertainment, they should lodge a strong written protest with those who run Radio Kashmir and those who actually let the mediocrity thrive from New Delhi.

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