Triple Talaq Bill-An Effort to Woo Minority Votes

The Triple Talaq bill, passed by Lok Sabha on Thursday, is clear cut effort to woo female minority votes in India. The revised bill to make instant triple Talaq, a practice among Muslim men to instantly divorce their wives by uttering “Talaq” thrice — a punishable offence was passed in the Lok Sabha on Thursday after five-hour debate and a walkout by the Congress and the AIADMK.
   After the drubbing it got in the recently held elections in the five states of the Hindi Belt, it has dawned on the Bharatiya Janata Party that it cannot win the next general elections without wooing, Muslim votes, or at least by breaking them, or weaning them away from the feasible green meadow of Congress.
   The biggest drawback of this bill is that it criminalizes the instant divorce given by the male members of one community whereas it is open knowledge that instant divorce is not particular to Muslims alone.  Members from other religious or ethnic communities also use the practice to disown their wives with a different nomenclature and linguistic attribute.
    The passing of the bill is another step by the monolithic right-wing BJP to divide the minority votes. It assumes that if the minority votes in cohesion go against the BJP in favor of Congress, it cannot win another term at the centre. So, first Modi tried to woo Bora Muslims, a sub-sect of Shia Islam, towards it. He later on tried to woo the Shia voters. However, the BJP think tank thinks that the triple Talak Bill is a masterstroke as it helps BJP to get 50 percent of the Muslim vote to have a sympathetic view of it when the burqa clad, seemingly oppressed members of the Muslim community goes out to vote in May next year.
  It remains to be seen how this effort, which is utterly partisan and intrusive, goes on win Muslim votes for BJP. That booth, the privacy of which no one can intrude, is a tricky thing. When it comes to the privacy of the voting booth will the women celebrating the verdict on the streets of Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Mumbai and Bengaluru translate it into a straight victory for BJP remains to be seen.

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