Waterless village of Rafiabad reminds stone age era

By:Aafreen Gojri

The story of baramulla”s village called khahmoh Rafiyabad located at a of distance of 25kms from the diatrict headquaters,

The village is decently populated with the inhabitants of almost all age groups and is close enough to district centre,But unfortunatly village stands very low in the basic neccesseties mainly electricity and water

According to the lambardar of the village Ab aziz mir,Mutwali sheikh,Satar Ali shiekh,Mohd abdul sheikh and other senior citizens of the village said that they dont have any proper schedule of electricity and power remains off

The wires most of the times, and when they get to face the power ,that is too less in voltage that they need to light the candles for the visibility

The local PDD men had brought in some poles but they are lying in the village and could not be erected since six months,the villagers also reported that the electricity line are plying on the trees instead of poles ,which has created a new threat to the life and property of the village

The people of sheikh mohalla in the same village of khahmoh rafiyabad are also suffering from non availibilty of water from last one year,they are facing the real hard face of life due to severe water crises, they said that they had already knocked the door of govt authorities and the PHE department of the area on several times but could gey nothing except the shameful negligence

The villagers are waiting and hoping for some postive action by the authorities and are on their parts but due to utmost negligence there dreams and hopes are diminishing similar to the light that diminishes every night in their bulbs

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