Miserable life of widow women

By:Aafreen gojri

The story of a misfortuned Dilshada begum,w/o late Farooq ah mir R/o shiv pazalpora Dangarpora Baramulla

Who lives a miserable life with her four orphans,and a memory of her husband ,the idelible scares of separation from her husband has left Dilshada almost lifeless and numb the hope of survival is her four children

According to Dilshada on that ugly night her husband went to the forest to fetch some wood for fuel,and while returning he was nabbed by some men in uniform ,probably the indian army personnel,

The farooq ahmad was brutally tortured and was miamed ,he could not bear the severe injuries and thus succumbed to his injuries with fifteen days,leaving Dilshada with four childrens namely Ather 14,sahil 11,insha 9,and tawheed 7

Since then Dilshada is impatiently waiting for justice but could not recieve anything from the authorities ,in order to feed her children Dilshada started working in a native govt school,as a cook and thus earns some bucks to feed her five members family

Dilshada is still waiting for some help and hopefully people may come to help her and worry some will Dilshada be alive to see the day

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