Nightmare of Papachan Bandipora 2016 Uprising.

By: Sajid Maqbool Raina

Papachan: some two Kilometres from Bandipora on the Srinager Bandipora highway was a heartbattle of stone Pelting in Bandipora in 2016 after the killing of HM Commonder Burhan wani on 8th July of 2016.Burhan wani’s killings triggered massive protests in the kashmir valley.The killing of Burhan wani had an electrifying effect on the entire kashmir. The streets of the kashmir were transformed into battle field.Every day People were comming out of their houses to protest against the killing of the Poster boy. This results in the killing of more than 110 civilians most of them Students. Thousands of people were injured most of them with Shot Gun Pellets. Hundreds of them lost their sights.

Initially incidents of Stone Pelting , Protestes and Killings were reported from South Kashmir. But after some days it spread whole Kashmir. Internet and Phone Services remained closed for 6 Months in Valley.In North Kashmiris Bandipora District Papachan always remained on Highalert, where most of the Stone pelting incidents were reporred. On daily basis the youth from the adjacent areas of Papachan every time tried to reach there and attack the CRPF camp near Papachan Bridge. It was a routine that 4 to 5 youths got injured after the day light ends.

On first weak of August when the huge gathering of people from the Jamia Masjid Sultania Gundpora Started a Peacefull Protest against the atrocities happening in the Valley. The Protest was lead by the Imam of Jamia Masjid Sultania Gundpora. There Plan was to register a Protest in Bandipora Chowk to offer Funeral Prayers in Absenteism of those Youths who got killed by Security Forces firing in Valley when the people reached near Papchan Camp, they stop the People to go further and Fired some rounds in air. The People in retaliation started Pelting Stones on the CRPF Camp.When situstion went out of control, they fired Pellets on the Protesters directly where 20 youths received Injuries but unfortunatly two youths received injuries on their Eyes.

On next Friday of August another protest demonstration were held from Gundpora same incidents happened on that day when many youths were injured and 3 youths received injuries on there eyes were seriously injured and were shifted to SMHS hospital Srinager.
Eyewitness said that when the Ambulance reached near Parmpora Police station some Police man stopped the Ambulance which was carrying Pellet Victim who was hit on his Right eye. They beated the three persons who were with the injured and were lodged in Parimpora Police station. As per victim ‘ I reached the hospital alone the blood was comming from my body some youths helped me in reaching opthomology’.He further added that Mobile services were Blocket i was not able to call my Parents.I was on Ventilator for two days. My Family members reached after two days when my Surgery was going on.

This was an Incident of Uproar in 2016 Violence in Kashmir When Valley lost its every thing even the precious lives. Papachan was a huge Victim of this Violence. Still some Pictures of the area can depict that a disaster have happened.

About author Sajid maqbool Raina is pursuing Journalism from Baramulla Degree College.

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