Farooq Shah asks G.H Mir to apologize for “betraying Youth” and admitting failures publicly

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Srinagar  : Asking former Minster and DPN Chairman Gh. Hassan Mir to apologize to the people of Tangmarg constituency-whome, he has been representing in the assembly – for betraying their trust and vote by keeping them away from development and said , the people were fed up with such politicians and their politics, news agency RNA reported.
Adressing a huge gathering of thousands of NC supporters at Kunzer, Farooq Shah in presence of party Vice President Omar Abdullah and a battery of senior leaders vowed to bring a haul of developmental projects to Gulmarg in near future and urged Omar Abdullah to keep the world famous constituency a priority in development and employment creation.
” You have yourself publicly admitted in your So -called Worker’s Convention that we don’t have roads, electricity and other basic facilities available here in this constituency which is akin to your admission of having failed those who voted you to power. We fail to understand whome you were complaining when you yourself were representing the people as MLA and Minster.” Shah said, while referring to Mr. Mir’s Saturday’s Public rally.’ adding that “this is sheer political hypocrisy”.
According to RNA, the former buracrate accused Mir of bartering the trust of thousands of voters and the common citizens of the constituency for his personal benifits and his unaccomplished ambition of aspiring to become “cheif minister”.
” Have you seen anywhere in the world that a one man party is aspiring to become Chief Minster, even without realising how misribly he has failed to provide a simple electric pole at local level.” quiped Shah .
“You are talking of international Politics but not able to provide electricity conductor, roads, schools, and other basic amenities to your villagers.”Said Shah amid huge apaluse from the thousands of workers present.
News agency  RNA quoted Shah as saying that, dark days were now over, and Gulmarg Constituency would find itself among the top Constituencies of the State in near future.
He said” light is about to fall and overcome the darkness that has been unleashed by the former representatives of the Constituency in more than a decade. He urged Party Vice- President Omar Abdullah to keep Gulmarg among his priorities.
Farooq Shah said that he would strive for bringing Engineering College, ITIs, Skill Development Institutes, Cold Stores, and many other developmental projects to the constituency besides making Gulmarg as the international tourist destination.
The former IAS Officer added that women’s empowerment, employment generation and rehabilitation of local youth would be one of his top priorities in the coming times. He said Youth of the Gulmarg constituency was betrayed and not allowed to carry forward studies which has left him hopeless and deprived him to avail the employment opportunities. Shah but vowed that the coming times would belong to youth in Gulmarg constituency and they will feel a change.

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