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Did Modi travelled all the way to Akhnoor, to blame political parties? 

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Jammu : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday while addressing a political rally in Akhnoor, blamed National Conference, Congress and Peoples Democratic Party for the problems that the people of the valley are facing today.
While! Ex RBI Governor, Raghuram Rajan questioning ‘Narendra Modi’s Minimum Government & Maximum Governance Promise’ Modi travelled all the way to Akhnoor-Jammu, Merely to blame NC, PDP & Congress.
Almost a week after’s 108 economists denounce tinkering with India’s economic indicators; call for unity expressing concerns over “political interference” in statistical data in India, they called for restoration of “institutional independence” and integrity of statistical organisations. Rajan also questioned the data computation on growth, saying how we can continue to have low job creation and lower capacity utilisation if we are having an official growth number of 7 percent or more.
But then again, PM Modi while disapproving all such contentions, however kick-started his parliamentary election campaign in his traditional style of blaming opponents for doing nothing till date blamed again all including ‘Congress, NC & PDP’ saying all are responsible for the problems Jammu & Kashmir facing toady. Addressing a public rally in Akhnoor, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it is because of Congress, NC & PDP that Kashmiri Pandits faced so much trouble blaming them for not prioritizing national security and only caring about power.
On other side, former PM HD Deve Gowda has alleged that the BJP tried to offer huge sums of money to his son and Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy in order to convince him to form an alliance. And, the said offer being turned out.
All above is what exactly the atmospheres and low rate politics going on in India these days where blame game is being considered as problem solutions to all the issues. Whereby, we are expecting our politicians should come forward with solutions not problems, a group serious young thinkers and youths at Jammu University told Good Morning Kashmir, while interacting on today’s headlines.
Jammu’s famous Koshur-Moushar girl, also told GMK that the allegation alleged of stalling the projects for development and steering the youth of the course by PM Modi, is not at all matured enough to attract the young voters. As, his further hopes that the state gets an impetus in education with more number of AIIMS, IITs and IIMs, is otherwise sounding comfortable to an extent, provided it’ll become a reality here in this state, where politicians from all parties including BJP sold nothing more than day dreams till date, Sunanina articulated.
PM claimed today that we have created 42,000 government posts in J&K. Which is otherwise never been told by whichever from coalition partners and if truth be accepted, there are still lot many daily wagers in Jammu and Kashmir, Govt. departments those are without salaries since last above 30-40 months, together and now, few also been thrown out from Jobs, said another young scholar Abhinav at JU.
Another allegation by PM that Congress, NC & PDP are responsible for the problems Jammu & Kashmir faces today. It is because of them that Kashmiri Pandits faced so much trouble. Sadly, national security is not a priority for them, they only care about power, also failed to get much applauses in the rally today, at Akhnor Jammu where Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said, “What is beyond comprehension is Congress’ attitude. Is it the same Congress that Sardar Patel was a part of? Is it the same Congress that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was a part of, and fought for India’s independence?” A youth congress leader at Jammu, however, felt happy on this statement of Modi accepting that Congress at least contributed something for nation’s independence, whereby; RSS or BJP didn’t have much to say about themselves on this topic.

Dekho Gai Tou Har Moud Pai Mill Naye Gai Lashain , Dundo Gai Tou is Sehar Mai Qatil Na Milega.”

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