Is this BJP / NM else India’s Serious Growth?

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From Tea to Chokidaars Now, Tea-cups & T-Shirts etc.

Jammu Bureau Chief’s Desk

Jammu: When Raj Thakrey’s MNS is deadly against the release of movie ‘PM Narendra Modi’saying that it would disrupt the movie in ‘MNS’ style near 100 more independent members of the filmmaking industry in south India have released a statement urging people not to vote for the BJP in south India, under the umbrella of “Save Democracy.
As per the statements released by film-makers, since the BJP came to power in year 2014, things have changed “for the worse” and a country polarised along religious and regional lines isn’t the India we have known. Besides, the BJP and its allies have failed miserably in keeping their election promises.
Within above news items, PM Modi, while paying no heed to model code of conducts etc. launched and retweeted link to buy ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ merchandise moreover, further tossed lakhs of cups, caps and T shirts etc. with ‘NAMO Again 2019’ printed on them were distributed as brand building campaign. However, after viral pictures of these commodities followed by a serious objection by many ‘Railways Withdraws “Main Bhi Chowkidar” Tea Cups etc.
This all happened exactly few days after the Indian Railways was forced to withdraw tickets with photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, intellectuals don’t see much of decorum or solemnity in ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar (I’m also watchman)”. But, Yes! Majority of intelligentsias seriously started thinking upon the low grade of politics then, a kind of over meanness in all such slogans by whichever political regime in a nation like India, said a retired bureaucrat at Jammu.
While, the railways authorities has imposed a Rs. 1 lakh fine on the contractor, but still numerous tweets said the cups were used and tagged the Election Commission, saying it is a violation of the Election Code of Conduct. From BJP’s side stated that the advertisement on the cup was of an NGO called Sankalp Foundation but the big question now, being raised by the high brows in the society is still unanswered as why exactly or is this the reason behind NGO’s been meant here for?
Given above, earlier this week, GoAir withdrew its boarding passes which showed the photographs of PM Modi and Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, plugging the Vibrant Gujarat Summit. A day before that Air India rolled back its passes with the same information and photos of the two leaders. And, the unfortunate part of all these futilitie

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