Increasing  road accidents-a matter of great concern

Increasing  road accidents-a matter of great concern
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Every now and then in Jammu and Kashmir we read about road accidents. The number of road accidents occurring in the Chenab region is fatally high. The accidents in Kashmir are also observed to have high fatalities too. In Chenab valley itself we have lost about a thousand souls in last decade.
We agree to the fact that the Jammu and Kashmir is such that the roads have to be built to connect highland villages with the central districts and townships-this entails a vast network of curvy, hair-pin bend infested roads. The drivers need to be extremely skilled to negotiate these hair-pin bends. It has been observed that the drivers of the private transport sector in particular play at high speeds in order to do more shifts and ferry more passengers. This mad rush on the uphill roads leads to more accidents a good majority of them happen to be very fatal resulting in scores of deaths every months. The Srinagar-Jammu National Highway in itself is an unnatural route and with the restriction on travel during movement of convoys the drivers have a tendency of playing at high speeds during the remaining small window period they get to ferry passengers from Srinagar to Jammu.
Add to that the ill-planned adding of more parallel stretches of road on the highway from Qazigund to Udhampur which has made the mountains more susceptible to landslides. In Srinagar city itself, everyone seems to be in a mad rush. The ongoing elevated road projects like Jahangir Chowk-Rambagh flyover and grade separator at Tourist Reception Centre (TRC) is resulting in bumper to bumper traffic snarls.
Even when an accident occurs, it takes ambulances an eternity to reach the spot. Even the people who assemble at the spot of accidents have in the last three of four years been very cagey about taking the injured to hospitals in their private vehicles fearing the summons from police and courts later on.
A lot is in a messy state on the roads in Kashmir. A lot of which should have been done already needs to be done now.

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