Decency goes for a toss as election campaign reaches its climax

Decency goes for a toss as election campaign reaches its climax
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It was a public rally in Kashmir. Yes, a public rally. Or, more precisely an election campaign rally where thousands had come to listen to the stalwarts of politics in Kashmir. One of the senior most politicians of the valley, very casually, in the best of moods, referred to his adversary, or to be more precise his rival in elections, as having eaten shit of Pakistan till yesterday and now wanting to taste Indian politics.
The leader was very candid in his remarks. Even the people on the stage had a giggle about it as did the jamboree crowd in front of him. We are talking about the land of Kashmir known as the land of saints and seers. People are openly referring to each other as having eaten the shit of countries. And what is at stake? Just a berth in a non-descript corner of Indian parliament! And for that Kashmiri politicians are resorting to such cheap tactics. Maturity was expected of the senior leader but true to his man-child image he keeps on churning out his idiosyncrasies like a madman in love.
In our dialogue we need to be careful especially when we are dealing with public at such close quarters. People in the establishment think it is normal for them to refer to people in such terms. Tomorrow, we may see a senior police officer, a bureaucrat, a teacher, a lawyer, a business man referring to other people in such deplorable terms. Society always looks up to leaders as their role models. Unfortunately, we have a majority of the politicians who do not give a hoot about how to speak in public. A good majority, it seems, needs a crash course on public speaking. And the tragedy with Kashmiri politicians across the board is that the older they grow the more brash they become.
It is actually the sense of power that intoxicates them to the extent that they also forget the moral codes of the society. The Election Commission of India (ECI) must take a serious note of the banter of the one of the senior most leader of the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir and initiate action against him as per laws.

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