Noise pollution is ubiquitous in Kashmir 

Noise pollution is ubiquitous in Kashmir 
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Kashmir is often known and referred to as a place where there is peace and tranquility. The serene atmosphere of the valley has inspired thousands of seers and sages to attain a higher spiritual state in its forests, mountains, river banks, banks of lakes and pastures.

However, in the last three decades Srinagar city has expanded exponentially. From a small town in seventies where everyone knows every one else it is now a budding cosmopolitan which is going to touch a population of three million souls soon. The canals, gardens, own space, fresh air, almond alcoves that we knew has now been converted into a concrete jungle.

There is a cacophony of sounds around everywhere we see. Sounds of cars, trucks, loud music, salesmen calling customers, the sounds of mason’s equipment smashing on the bricks and rocks. Every where we look we see men in hurry trying to change the landscape of the city. There are flyover being built, houses under construction, and plots being walled.
Amidst all the cacophony the sounds of birds, the sounds of Jhelum waves hitting the banks, the whisper of spring breeze gets muffled.
There are government regulations in place about the decibels within which the sounds should be produced. But in the mad rush to become fatter, richer, and famous in little time people are building hotels, resorts, huts and clubs across the length and breadth of Kashmir. Pahalgam and Gulmarg which were earlier known for the rustling sounds of pine branches, the gushing sounds of river on the stones is now associated with the honking of the cars of the people on picnic there.
We hope establishment takes this critical issue into consideration and takes the issue of noise pollution seriously. The sooner, the better. We do not want to be known as a city where both establishment and machines only make noise and make people’s lives hell.

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