locals fined for not voting in Gujarat village

locals fined for not voting in Gujarat village
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Gujarat : At a time when political parties are going the extra mile to appeal to voters across the country, locals in this Rajkot village of Gujarat feel that allowing candidates to campaign would adversely affect the region,and have brought in a ban on political campaigning.

Locals of Rajsamadhiyala are bound by a plethora of rules and regulations framed by the Village Development Committee (VDC) and breaking any of these invokes monetary fine – one of which is not casting vote during elections. “Campaigning is banned as locals think it will disturb the environment, half of the people will go to one and a half to another side,” ANI quoted Ashok Bhai Vaghera, Sarpanch of the village as saying.

The sarpanch went on to say that a fine of Rs 51 is imposed on those who do not come out to vote, in order to ensure maximum participation at the time of elections.

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