Hip hop and rap culture-swaying our teenagers away from our culture

Hip hop and rap culture-swaying our teenagers away from our culture
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Kashmir is changing. We keep on hearing this every now and then. Our villages no longer look like villages or what our concept of a village is like. Newer towns are emerging. The Srinagar city itself is ever expanding. Sooner, it will have large portions of Budgam, Ganderbal and Pulwama under its influence. This rapid urbanization and exposure of Kashmiri youth to cultures outside of the state is giving birth to a new culture of hip hop and rappers are roaming the streets ubiquitously.
On social networking sites these rappers post their gibber to the lauding applause of their followers-some are laughed at, mocked at by a thin minority. But, generally people have taken a fancy for it, as they say, anything to kill boredom. These youth, a vast majority of who appeared to be doped or under the influence of some substance, often challenge their rivals in their staccato monologue. In a recent escalation, a rapper reportedly referred to boys from the countryside as cowards. This led to a lot of city-rural confrontation on the social networking sites. There were abuses and counter abuses. The city and rural youth challenged each other not to come to city or rural areas. A rapper from downtown Srinagar advised the youth of Villages not to enter Srinagar as the former would make life hell for them. Similarly, a youth from south Kashmir advised city youth not to visit Pahalgam picnic spot in south Kashmir as south Kashmir youth are ready to beat the hell out of them.
The thing that surprises the most is that all this is happening right under the nose of authorities. The weed, drugs, cocaine and alcohol are consuming our youth and the government is either watching helplessly or just callously letting it happen. We don’t want to see an “udta Punjab” here in Kashmir. Government must act swiftly and those rappers, hipsters or whatever they are must be brought to book if they slander people on the basis of their caste, religion or region. Our religious and social organizations also need to act swiftly before the matter goes out of hand.

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