Time magazine calls Modi ‘India’s divider-in-chief’

Time magazine calls Modi ‘India’s divider-in-chief’
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New Delhi: Prime Narendra Modi has made the cover of the iconic US-based Time magazine, called him India’s “divider in chief”, and asked if India can endure five more years of his government.

The article in the magazine, written by Aatish Taseer, runs with the headline “Can the World’s Largest Democracy Endure Another Five Years of a Modi Government?”

The opposition pounced on the story on Friday. The women’s wing of the Congress, for example, pointed to the opening line — “Of the great democracies to fall to populism, India was the first.” — to attack PM Modi.

“Your truth is for all to see,” the All India Mahila Congress tweeted to Modi.

In the same issue, TIME published a second story on the prime minister, titled, ” Modi Is India’s Best Hope for Economic Reform.”

It also compares former prime minister Jawarharlal Nehru, who has been blatantly criticised by Modi in his speeches, ideas of secularism with the prevailing social “stress” under Modi who “demonstrated no desire to foster brotherly feelings between Hindus and Muslims.”

The article is based on Hindu-Muslim relations and blames Modi for being pro-Hindu and not working in the interests of Muslims in the country.

TIME’s articles on Modi come as India’s Lok Sabha election enters its home stretch, with just two polling phases left before votes are counted on May 23.

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