Modi 2.0 upgraded

Modi 2.0 upgraded
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For all practical purposes Modi knew he will win. All his potential counterweights just dwarfed in front of him. The political machinations put in place by an almost extra terrestrial Amit Shah has left all opposition parties moving in circles. Modi is back and there is a lot to worry about it.

BJP expanded its reach to provinces considered no-go areas even during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s time. Just imagine BJP winning almost all seats in Karnataka and Maharashtra. Does it mean that the educated elite of the country secretly also voted for BJP? What about the liberals speaking in the prime time news shows in their inflected English, almost swearing that Modi will not win a single seat in any metropolitan city in India. Modi cleans sweeps Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi. In the states Rajasthan and Gujarat are completely in the bag of Modi.

What could possibly be the biggest reason that even the educated elite voted for Modi? Is it an indicator for Congress that they need to change their strategy or at least their head and PM chair daydreamer? Some analysts have long been saying that the biggest problem of Congress is Rahul Gandhi as he is disrupting all equations. There are able and resolute leaders in Congress who are young, dynamic and are better public speakers. Rahul, comparatively cuts a sorry figure.

Next election is five years away and our ‘young’ Rahul Gandhi would be 53 the-mother longer young and a passive dreamer. Only a strong break up within BJP can ensure Congress a victory in next elections, which given the top-down ring-Master approach of Modi is highly likely. For Congress and its workers, it is going to be a long and bitter waiting period. May the public have some mercy on them in the next elections.

For the time being let us sit back and watch Modi 2. 0 unfold. There would be a lot of drama, action, jumlaas and of course a lot of campaigning.

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