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Srinagar city is a growing city. There are reports in some sections of media that it is one of the hundred most fastest growing cities in the world. In another two decades from now the Greater Srinagar is expected to touch a population of around four million souls.

The kind of roads we have as of now is acutely inadequate to meet the requirements of the growing metropolis. The average road length we have now is almost equal to the road length we had in the time of Maharaja Hari Singh. The drainage system is again in to say the least in shambles.

However, the worst fear in every one’s mind is the fear of horizontal expansion. The penchant of owning a personal home for everyone aged over 30 would ensure that in two or three decades Srinagar would encroach upon a substantial chunk of nearby districts like Pulwama, Ganderbal and Budgam

It remains to be seen how the basic facilities of electricity, water and drainage is brought to doorsteps of every individual home in the cosmopolitan city area of Greater Srinagar. Where would be the space to build newer hospitals, playgrounds and other institutions.

And how would the periphery of this cosmopolitan Greater Srinagar be connected to the central Srinagar? That is why it is important to build newer roads and put up an affordable transport system in place that ensures that everyone reaches home after working in different areas of Srinagar.

What about the rush that the city hospitals are witnessing already? Who would want that rush to increase many times over?

Srinagar is expanding recklessly and more importantly it is growing horizontally. Vertical expansion is one way to ensure that Greater Srinagar does not witness the same rush as we are witnessing currently

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