Menace of hoardings

Menace of hoardings
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In places renowned for their landscape the things like hoardings, placards, murals and banners are absolutely not wanted. They kill the spirit of natural beauty and also make the roads more prone to accidents. In many Indian cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai there is a strict “No visual pollution” policy and any deviation is punished strictly.

Kashmir is renowned for its natural beauty and hoardings no matter howsoever beautiful are not welcome in Kashmir.

Of late we have seen a barrage of flex hoardings have popped up on both sides of the highway. The travel from Srinagar to Baramulla which was renowned for its landscape is now scarred by the hoardings. At places these hoardings are placed at such bends that it is impossible to remove your sight from them and at the same time keeping your eyes on the road ahead becomes an arduous task

There has been this trend of using scantily clad women to attract attention of travelers. Usually the drivers also get attracted to these gaudy hoardings leading to fatal accidents. Besides, the cardinal sin of these hoardings is they block the view of the Sublime landscape behind them.

The government must clamp down on the institutions and companies who are putting these obnoxious hoardings on the roadways. There has to be stricter implementations of guidelines and government must ensure that no one goes scot free

It should be like the days of yore when the poplars lined up the roads on both sides of the highway. Our “Green Tunnels” as we used to lovingly call the rows of poplars lining the roadside need to be revived so that it is a pleasant experience to travel on our roads once again.

Industrialisation and advertising is welcome but not at the cost of environment. Definitely not.

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