Anantnag Villagers  Duped by Fake Govt Officer in Name of Flood Relief 

AnantnagImpersonators are fleecing money from people in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district claiming that submitting 600 Rs will fetch them Flood relief from government.
Sources told  GMK that a family from Mir Danter area of Anantnag alleged that officials knocked at their door a few weeks ago and informed their inmates that they are the officials from the  Deputy Commissioner’s office.
The locals said that , The claimed officials told them  that they  will provide flood relief as their house suffered  a massive damage during the  2014 floods .
“They asked to fill a form and  deposit a fees of six hundred rupees promising later they will be granted compensation for the damage they suffered during 2014 floods,” they said.
“People from neighbouring villages have told us that these people had visited them as well,” locals claimed.
The locals told GMK  that sensing trouble they visited the office of Deputy commissioner in Anantnag to check the process.
“Upon inquiring at the DC Office, we were told that none of the officials had been sent to the villages to grant flood relief, as there has been no grant of fresh relief for the victims of 2014 catastrophic floods,” they said.
Additional deputy commissioner of Anantnag,  Showkat Ahmed Rather said that he is investigating the matter and these people who are looting money from locals will be soon brought to book.

We request  people to inform us and not to give money to anyone who knock at your doors for flood relief, ADDC Anantnag added.

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