Even Naseer Ud Din Shah was Trolled!

If you count the names of actors who revived Indian cinema in 1980s Naseer-ud-din shah’s name is right there at the top. The highly decorated actor with so many awards and civilian government recognition in his kitty is the butt of joke in India today! The reason being is that he did not like the way Indian captain behaved on the cricket field and after being trolled bared his internalized (and long pent up) view that minorities were not safe in an India where the Hindu chauvinism is taking every constitutional writing for a ride.
   Even from the so called Indian intellectual elite the remarks on Naseer-ud-din Shah’s comments have been in such bad taste that they cannot be written here. From being called, ”Anti-national, “Terror-sympathizer” , “ Terrorist” and what not he was ridiculed for being a vocal member of the minority community. The very fact that the so called leaders of the majority leaders did not take sportingly his jibe on Virat Kohli who-let us cut to the chase-is a member of the majority community. Such is the xenophobia prevalent in India of today. A highly decorated Indian actor with countless contributions in his bag was asked to leave the country or remain silent and watch the jingoistic media demonize the minorities as ‘terror-sympathizers’ from the reticent safety of the  fence.
   What is even more amazing is that no one came to Naseer’s rescue. No one from his own film industry-Amitabh Bachan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Amir Khan are all silent. Nobody wants to face the jingoistic media and equally xenophobic trolls. Today, it seems that the condition of Naseer is like the TV screen role he played of Urdu poet Mirza Assadullah KhanGhalib. How desolate, how sad and how pathetic!
    As Naseer said in that brief interview that ‘things do not seem to change in the near future’, it seems things really would not change for a long, long time. The current dispensation is joyfully riding on the populist mandate and sighting of ‘lone swallows’ like Naseer does not serve as clarion call for the spring of constitutional supremacy to dawn.
  Our sympathies with Naseer-ud-din Shah!

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