Google Developer Conference I/O 2018: Sundar Pichai Addresses Privacy Concerns

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California : Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Tuesday kicked off the Google developer conference I/O, 2018 in the United States while announcing various upgradation in the tech giant.
Pichai, who delivered a key note at the annual conference, spoke about everything the technology giant has been planning since last year.
He started the speech by tendering apology for the placement of cheese on burger emoji and beer emoji which was a half-full mug with foam coming out of the top.
“I never knew so many cared about where the cheese is,” says Sundar Pichai. And surprise, surprise: he’s a vegetarian!,” he said at the stage.
The Google CEO also assured that its data systems are more secure and it keeps information anonymous.
He further said, “Expectations for technology vary greatly depending on where you are in the world.”
Talking about AI & Healthcare which can predict cardiovascular risk and detect it non-invasively, Pichai said “AI will field trials to diagnose diabetic retinopathy in developing countries.”
He further announced to launch ‘smart compose’ to all Gmail users this month and said the users will have someone completing their sentences.
The Google CEO also pitched for connecting users to businesses and said, “60 percent of businesses don’t have an online booking system set up.”
He further expressed interest in working with “organisations and journalists to help develop innovative products and programs that help the industry.”(ANI)

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